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It is important to note that Domain name spaces are on a first come, first serve basis. Domain Names and Registered Business names are not counter checked by any authority, so ideally whilst you may have registered a business name it doesn’t naturally mean that the domain name is available for registration.

There are several options to domain name spaces, such has, .com, .net etc and these are controlled and regulated by the South African Domain Name Registrar Authority.

TIP: Having a good domain name can improve user experience on your website. Many of a website’s visits come from search engines and referrals, having an easy to remember domain name is always going to be helpful. It will help people find your website easily.

What exactly is a domain name?

Answer: A Domain Name is a unique Identifier that points to a certain website on the World Wide Web. Each computer on the Internet has a unique numeric Internet Protocol address. These numbers are not user-friendly and give no indication as to what this address contains.

Check your domain name and register it whilst it’s available HERE.

Make sure you read the following as you will be prompted to except these on your checkout process: General Terms & Conditions | Domains & Hosting Terms & Conditions

Don’t forget that you will need a hosting service to host your domain!

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